Saturday, June 18, 2011

OGG to MP3 Converter | Convert a single file or an entire directory of OGG audio files to the Mp3

OGG to MP3 Converter is a useful application for converting audio files from OGG (Vorbis) Audio to an MP3 audio. Convert single or entire directories of OGG (Vorbis) files to the Mp3 format. Easily convert the OGG file with just a few clicks. Designed to be user friendly and very easy to use.

Features :
- Built the OGG to MP3 converter for users who want to maintain the highest quality when converting from OGG (Vorbis) Audio to an MP3.
- Convert 1 OGG file at a time by simply browsing to the desired file and adding it to the que or you can……..
- Bulk convert an entire directory of OGG files by simply browsing to the desired folder containing the WAV files.
- Use the DEL (Delete) column to remove any unwanted WAV files before starting the conversion process.
- After you’ve loaded the desired OGG files into the Que, simply click the Green Conversion button to start the process.
- Check the Main Page for more of our Free Converters or visit the Support Page and make a request/suggestion for a Tool we don’t have yet.
- Windows XP, Vista and Win 7 Compatible

Information :
Name : OGG to MP3 Converter
Size : 5.3 mb
Licence : Free
OS : Windows XP, Vista and Win 7
Web Developer :
Download From Developer Website : OGG to MP3 Converter
Download From Cnet : Ogg to Mp3 Converter
Download From BrotherSoft : Ogg to Mp3 Converter

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